Cycle Shelters: Investing in Workplace Health & Well-being

The rise of the millennial’s in workplace environments is already well underway. With it, new ethics, values and attitudes are steadily shaping the future of workplace culture. Amongst these attitudes, none seem more significant than the health and fitness trend.

We’ve all been witness to it. Whether it’s the young gents of the office discussing their bench press personal bests or the ladies discussing gym classes over freshly made smoothies. The “next gen” are very aware of the benefits achieved through a healthy lifestyle and are evolving to strengthen these beliefs. As an organisation in the 21st century, it’s important that these values are supported and developed with. These are after all, the future creators, decision makers and figureheads of both your business and the entire business landscape. But it’s not just about the young adults. The older generations are also starting to sharpen up on their physical well-being (special mention to those who always have!).

What Can You Do As An Employer?

Of course in an ideal world all employer’s would be creating extravagant environments for their employees. Sadly in reality most of us don’t have that luxury! However, we can still provide employees with the opportunities to engage in a healthy lifestyle at relatively low investments. Advice on how to promote health and well-being at work is well discussed in guides such as Iosh’s Working Well Guide. One smart and suggested option is in the investment of cycle shelters.

Investing in Cycle Shelters:

The great thing about an investment in cycle shelters is that it’s more than just a short term initiative. It’s a long term encouragement for employees to commute in via bicycle. Cycling is a universal activity preferred by many in most major cities. It caters for all too – people can set a cycling pace that they’re comfortable with. This is great in scenarios such as when commuters opt for a less intense journey on their way to work. There are additional benefits to cycle shelters too. For instance, the freeing up of parking spaces, lowered carbon footprints and fun cycling events to engage in!

Events like the annual Cycle to Work Day are great national events for companies to get involved with. From personal experience, we know events like this can really help bring our employees closer together. It’s also an opportunity for companies to connect with each other on social media platforms to discuss their travel experiences!

With so many cycle shelter options now available, many premises in 2018 can facilitate a shelter. Thanks to the great range of designs; it’s no longer a question of whether one will suit your needs. The real question is why doesn’t your organisation have one?